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System4 Minnesota offers commercial janitorial cleaning & facility services to hundreds of businesses throughout the greater Twin Cities region. We are a one-stop solution for over 20 interior and exterior facility services, including routine deep-cleanings of your facility, interior and exterior handyman services, large appliance and HVAC services, and landscaping services. Our priority is making running a business a little easier for you by providing a full-range of facility service options, ensuring hassle-free solutions and customer satisfaction.

Personalized services for your business

We understand that not every business requires the same services; therefore, we offer customized solutions to match your needs. From single building facilities to multi-location business, our services providers will deliver personalized cleaning, maintenance, and facility services per the needs of each of your locations. We offer service-bundling packages to meet your desired service level and budget.


Hassle-free facility services

Managing multiple facility locations can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if they each require different needs. With our services, you can expect consistency and uniformity across all locations. From interior and exterior cleaning to plumbing and electrical maintenance, we can bundle multiple services to create cost-effective solutions for all of your locations. Trust us to help you manage an efficient and hassle-free facility.


Use ServiceSync to track your orders

ServiceSync allows customers and service providers alike to manage their service orders and options. Customers can submit service requests with customizable, pre-generated common issues, track order status and completion, and customize services rendered at each business location. For service provers, ServiceSync is a great tool to quickly contact customers, manage multiple-location orders, and post order reports for you customers to see. ServiceSync enhances operations efficiency for both business owner and service provider.